Incisional Hernias

Hernia resulting from an Incision

An incisional hernia is a type of hernia caused by a poorly healed surgical wound. An incisional hernia can be large and painful.

An incisional hernia can occur after surgery in the belly and can develop months or even years after surgery. Incisional hernia can occur in the setting of previous surgical incision with increased age with laxity in the abdominal wall, increased abdominal pressure (ex: increased weight, chronic severe coughs, chronic constipations, etc), and previous wound infections.

An incisional hernia may occur at a previous surgical incision. Factors that increase the risk of incisional hernia include:

  • Increased abdominal size
  • Excessive strain affecting the abdomen such as chronic constipation and chronic cough
  • History of infection at the surgery site
  • Abdominal wall relaxation, which may be age-related or associated with previous pregnancy

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